New Zealand Certificate in English Language Level 2

New Zealand Certificate in English Language Level 2

Course Description

Subject Area:

Society and Culture

Entry requirements:

  1. 18 years old
  2. Complete NZCEL level 1 or equivalent.

Purpose of this level:

This qualification is intended for learners of English as an additional language, attending NZQA approved programmes delivered in Aotearoa New Zealand or off-shore. Graduates will have the language skills required to communicate in basic, familiar, everyday situations in order to participate in an English language environment. .

Graduate profile:  

Graduates of this qualification will have, in a supportive environment, the English language skills to:
– Understand and use basic language in familiar situations to engage in simple and routine tasks, social encounters and exchanges of information with emerging fluency and accuracy.
– Read and understand simple texts on familiar topics and locate specific predictable information in short texts.
– Write simple, comprehensible connected texts on familiar topics.

Education Pathway:

This certificate builds on the New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Level 1) and can lead to:
* New Zealand Certificate in English Language (General/Workplace/Academic) (Level 3)

Course Curriculum

  • Detailed curriculum will be provided on request.

$ 8,640.00
24 weeks

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