New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Level 3) General

New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Level 3) General

Course Description

Subject Area:

Society and Culture

Entry requirements:

  1. 18 years old
  2. Complete NZCEL level 2 or equivalent.

Purpose of this level:

This qualification is intended for learners of English as an additional language, attending NZQA approved programmes delivered in Aotearoa New Zealand or off-shore. Graduates will have the language skills required to communicate in most situations with some independence and fluency in order to participate in everyday/social/community, workplace and/or academic English language contexts.

Graduate profile:  

Graduates of this qualification will have the English language skills to:
– understand the main points and key supporting detail in extended oral interaction and factual information in familiar contexts
– speak with some coherence, fluency and spontaneity to express personal ideas and sustain interaction in familiar contexts
– read and understand a range of texts on familiar topics; scan, locate and gather information to fulfil a specific task
– write comprehensible, connected texts on familiar topics with reasonable linguistic accuracy, using a range of text types.

General Qualifier:
Graduates will be able to use English relevant to everyday/social/community contexts to meet the outcomes.

Education Pathway:

This certificate builds on the New Zealand Certificate in Enblish Language(Level 2) and can lead to

* New Zealand Certificate in English Langauge (Level 3) Apllied

Course Curriculum

  • Detailed curriculum will be provided on request.

$ 6,000.00
20 weeks