Pre-arrival Course

Our online course will cover the following essential topics that you need to know before coming to New Zealand.

  • New Zealand culture and history
  • Vocabulary and phrases specific to New Zealand
  • How to prepare before you arrive, including
    • What to bring
    • What not to bring
    • How to fill out all the necessary travel forms
    • How to complete arrival paperwork
    • Customs and regulations
  • What to expect when you arrive, including
    • How to find accommodation
    • How to travel around New Zealand
    • City safety and New Zealand law
    • New Zealand travel and arrival regulations
  • And much more!

We would like to offer you a 10-hour course covering these vital areas. Knowing what to expect before you come to New Zealand means that you’ll have a safe and easy entry into your life here. We’re excited for your upcoming adventure and look forward to helping you on your journey to New Zealand.